About us


Elektrick.me is a team of talented artists that create immersive sensory experiences for entertainment, advertising and events.
We are not afraid of pushing each project beyond what is believed possible, and invent new techniques when the old ones fail.


We are specialized in creating unique video shows, 3D mapping and Мotion graphics. Our custom content for TV, Internet, event and advertising productions has been preferred by many of the leading agencies in Bulgaria. Our skillful team of Directors, Designers, 3D animators, Motion Graphics specialists and Sound artists has the capacity to deal quickly with almost any situation.



On site services 
Elektrick’s team for On-site production: VJs, technical directors and technicians have more than 8 years of experience creating unique shows for a range of events – from small corporate meetings, to international music festivals. They are one of the most booked in Bulgaria for all the leading local productions.



Our research work is focused on human to computer interactions implemented into live shows. We are working on a markerless system for controlling realtime 3D avatars. We are also constantly learning, improving our workflow, equipment and skills so that our best project is always our last.


the team 

We believe that extraordinary results are accomplished only with teamwork. That’s why we have build a diverse and agile team with competencies in variety of fields.