Elektrick.me originally started as a group of VJs and DJs, so we are deeply connected with the music culture. We are constantly creating unique visual shows for festivals, clubs, and events. Working with all kinds of media including LED, Projectors, LCD, Laser, and Lights keeps it interesting because we always learn new things and invent new techniques.
Each show must be different. So we first let our imagination loose and think of something that has never been done before. At this stage, we make the plans for the technical setup, storyboards, and schedules.
Our team of designers and animators creates a unique graphical package for each show. We have years of experience choosing the best type of visuals for every media we use. It doesn’t matter if it’s a 320×240 led wall or 4k projector system, 2D or 3D animations, we will always try to push the limits of our skills to create something new and unique.
Elektrick.me has a team with over 10 years of experience performing at live shows. Our operators are creative, friendly, and skilled. We have an in-house technical setup to control up to, 6 different video channels and we can chain two or more of the same system if needed. Our operators are constantly trained and up to date with all developments in the business and can handle with ease very complex custom systems. If some led design or 3d mapping setup is not complicated enough, we can always put some interaction with MS Kinect or Infrared sensors to raise the bar.