Discover Mercedes EQS is an interactive experience, designed to re-create and set a future vision of a better world. The pavilion installation represents a journey through space and time. As the moving-image begins, it reveals the dynamic and unique relationship humans have with nature, and how that relationship is changing as we advance technologically.

The narrative is emphasizing the importance of technology in every aspect of 21st century, and the extend to which it will possibly shape the future.
The journey ends with a discovery of a brand new world full of abundance and beauty.

The visual language used in Discover Mercedes EQS is simple and streamlined, aiming to represent the brand’s identity and values.

Interactive experiences are always build around certain physical and technical limitations. A workflow had to be created in order to align and calibrate the skeletal data from many different sensors, tracking different people from different points of view.

Another challenge was building a 270-degree projection. A lot of testing and experimenting took place, for the purpose of creating an image that has both depth and conveys motion properly. Once the production process began there was a real synergy between the technical, the creative and the production team.

Discover Mercedes EQS kindly invites the audience to interact with the spatial installation. By doing so the individuals are becoming part of the environment, thus making them contributors to the future vision of Mercedes-Benz.

People get great satisfaction from contributing, but in order to make it significant we must first start from ourselves. As soon as we are able to improve ourselves, we can easily improve our society and the world we live in.